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Vibrating Pain Relief Mask

$ 49.99

A unique combination of cold therapy and soft battery-operated vibration makes this is a new alternative for sinus pain and migraine relief.

 The vibrating feature is felt as a “tingling” sensation and massages pressure points and eases muscle tension around the eyes. Turn the vibration on or off with the push button on the front, based on your preference. The vibration function will operate approximately 45 minutes when fully charged. Recharge the batteries as needed by plugging in the charging cord, included with the mask. 

 Made of soft, breathable cotton material, the mask is comfortable to wear and the smooth ergoBeads inside help the mask conform to your features and hold the chill from your refrigerator or freezer. An elastic strap gently holds the mask in place.

 Great for resting, meditation, traveling strain and for eye relief after hours of computer work or gaming.

     Flexible Spending Account Eligible

FSA eligible for many standard flex plans - check your specific health plan's list for hot and cold packs as eligible expenses. 

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