Quick Ice Wrap
Quick Ice Wrap
Quick Ice Wrap

Quick Ice Wrap

$ 24.95
Our Quick Ice Wrap is the perfect multi-purpose solution to have on hand for a variety of needs, easily flexing around many parts of the body. Our Polar Ice encapsulated ice packs are filled with small pockets of purified water that freeze quickly, and are secured inside a soft fleece cover. The fleece wrap conforms to the body and insulates the skin to prevent frostbite. It easily adjusts with hook & loop closure straps that hold the ice in place where you need it most.


     Flexible Spending Account Eligible

Made in the USA

FSA eligible for many standard flex plans - check your specific health plan's list for hot and cold packs as eligible expenses 

For cold therapy only.

Cold therapy helps reduce pain and control swelling, allowing faster return of normal function. Ask your doctor or medical professional if cold therapy is the right thing for you


  1. Place Polar Ice Cold Therapy Support and Ice Pack in freezer for 1 ½ - 2 hours, or store in the freezer for anytime use. Seal in a plastic bag to protect from moisture.
  2. Remove chilled wrap from freezer and bag.
  3. Place blue side of the wrap against the skin.
  4. Wrap and secure hook and loop straps to a comfortable level of compression
  5. Icing is recommended for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.