Nursing Relief Breast Kozi
Nursing Relief Breast Kozi
Nursing Relief Breast Kozi
Nursing Relief Breast Kozi
Nursing Relief Breast Kozi

Nursing Relief Breast Kozi

$ 20.00

Soo much better than a cabbage leaf! Our Nursing Relief Breast Kozi's are designed to provide all natural comfort & pain relief for symptoms experienced during nursing and weaning. Use heated to encourage let-down and milk flow, or chill to relieve breast engorgement, tenderness and mastitis symptoms.

Slip a heated or chilled Breast Kozi into your nursing bra for targeted relief. Our Kozi's are handmade from soft, cozy 100% cotton fabric and filled with 100% flax seed, which retains and releases moist heat or freezer chill naturally. Designed in a graceful, adjustable curve that easily slips into a nursing bra or tank and allows you to position it right where you need it, providing natural, soothing comfort.


A pair of 100% cotton Breast Kozi's, with 100% Flax Seed fill, no scent or fragrance added

Each Kozi measures 7" across.   Made in the USA

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Use Hot or Cold      Use Your Flex Plan

FSA/HSA eligible for many standard flex plans - check your specific health plan's list for hot and cold packs as eligible expenses.

Consult your doctor or medical professional before you begin any kind of hot/cold therapy to make sure it is right for you.

To Heat:

1. Place in microwave
2. Allow turn table to rotate freely
3. Microwave a pair of Breast Kozi's 30-60 sec (single 20-30 sec)
4. Do not exceed 60 sec total for pair (30 sec total single)
5. Check temperature for desired warmth
6. After heating, gently shift herbs from side to side
Be careful not to overheat!

To Chill:

1. Seal in a plastic bag
2. Place in freezer for 1-2 hours
3. Store in the freezer for any-time use

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