Lavender Bathing Salts

Lavender Bathing Salts

$ 15.00

Sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing aroma as this mix of minerals and natural sea salts harvested locally in California soften the water. Hand blended with 100% essential oils, this distinctly herbal aroma is nostalgic, lightly floral and soothingly woody. Lavender oil is said to relieve nervous tension, and have anti-inflammatory and sleep-inducing effects.

 The all-natural sea salts are rich in trace minerals and precious oils that help revitalize skin, clear toxins, stimulate circulation. The arthritis foundation says that a hot soak in the tub eases aches and pains by improving circulation, and decreasing swelling and inflammation.

 With 100% essential oil, this remarkably fresh scent is easy to wear.

 Net wt 16 oz.

Lavender Bathing Salts contain:Soda Chloride  ( Sea Salt), Sodium Bicarbonate, Lavandula Anguvstifolia ( Lavender), Eschscholzia California (California Poppy).