Knee Sports Wrap
Knee Sports Wrap
Knee Sports Wrap
Knee Sports Wrap

Knee Sports Wrap

$ 54.95

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Our Knee Sports Wrap provides heat or icing all in one easy to use design. The soft fabric wrap contours to your shape, and the patented thermal pack that slips inside stays flexible when heated or frozen assuring a comfortable, close fit. The uniquely formulated heat and ice packs can be positioned and secured anywhere inside the wrap for targeted relief, and generous 3” wide plush straps provide easy self-fastening. Together, they hold the thermal pack close and drive the cold or heat deep where you need it most, while you have total freedom of movement.

The thermal packs can be heated in a microwave or frozen, or alternate for a combination of both. The uniquely formulated thermal packs have a thick, uniform composition inside that stays where you put it, rather than migrating from pressure or gravity. The patent pending DLP design allows another level of temperature control, providing an additional layer between you and your heat or ice if desired. 


  • 1  knee compress sleeve; fits on left or right knee comfortably
  • 2 large reusable 7”x10” thermal packs that can be heated or frozen. (3 in the XXL size) Non-toxic, microwave safe and guaranteed leak-proof, our thermal packs are uniquely formulated to keep the filling in place
  • Drawstring carry bag in sustainable material

Materials and construction: our wrap material is latex free, washable, and reusable 

  • Knee sleeve design is plush material with smooth lycra lining
  • Plush-prene straps with rugged Velcro fasteners
  • Lycra trim and durable flat-lock stitching 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hot and Cold Therapy Product 

Consult your doctor or medical professional before you begin any kind of hot/cold therapy to make sure it is right for you.