Himalayan Salt Massage Disks
Himalayan Salt Massage Disks

Himalayan Salt Massage Disks

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We like to use these Himalayan Salt Massage Stones chilled in the freezer – think ice cubes that don’t melt! Massage with a chilled stone is helpful for muscle recovery after working out.

The disk shape offers a variety of surfaces useful for massage, from the flat front and back useful on larger muscle groups, to the softly curved edges to roll into tighter muscle groups. After an hour or two in the freezer, these stones will begin to sweat when you take them out to use for massage, liquifying the outer surface of the salt and carrying the many nutrients to your skin (it will leave a salt haze on your skin to rinse off after). The beautiful pink hues indicate a high iron content, along with 84 other rich nutritional minerals.

No extensive cleaning is necessary for the stones after, as salt is anti-bacterial. Use non-toxic cleaners if very oily from lotion, otherwise, simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Do not rinse under water - salt will disintegrate. 

These massage stones can also be used warm, easily added to a stone heating bowl or tray. We don’t recommend microwaving as the composition of each stone is different, and microwaving could cause uneven heating or cause the stones to break.

Each of our Himalayan Salt Massage Disks is made out of the purest Himalayan salt rocks, shaped by hand using simple carving techniques. Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts on earth, formed over 250 million years ago under the earth’s crust. It was first discovered by the armies of Alexander the Great in south Asia, in the mountainous region near Pakistan. 

Includes two disk-shaped massage stones, measuring approximately 3 x .75 inches, and weighing 6-7 oz each, plus a cotton storage bag.  No two stones are ever the same since they are made out of natural rock salt crystals.