Black Battery-Heated Slippers
Battery-Heated Slippers
Battery-Heated Slippers
Grey Battery-Heated Slippers
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Battery-Heated Slippers
Battery-Heated Slippers

Battery-Heated Slippers

$ 139.95

If your feet are always cold, or you just need some help getting through the cold weather months comfortably, our battery-heated slippers will provide localized warmth and comfort for hours at a time. 3V heating technology is powered by lightweight but powerful and rechargable Lithium-ion battery packs. Adjust between four levels of heat with the included wireless remote control to optimize your comfort.

Ripstop Nylon upper shell fabric and a nylon cinch cord at top will help you seal out the cold. A fleece lining with a layer of Thinsulate insulation adds to the coziness inside. The lightweight rubber outsole gives flexibility and durability worthy of quick trips outside with the dog or to the mailbox. Heating elements are in the bottom sole only, with a memory foam cushion footbed to add to the comfort.

Comes with everything you need: slippers, two 3.7V 2000mah rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a dual charger (AC adapter) that will charge both batteries at once, and a wireless remote control.

May be used resting or walking.


Approximate Battery Run Times :

100% Highest Setting = 3+ hours

75% Medium/High = 4.5 hours

50% Medium/Low = 6 hours

25% Low = 10 hours

Easy steps for use:

  1. Charge the batteries with the included wall charger (charges two batteries at once).
  2. After the batteries are fully charged, connect to the cord in the slipper pocket and tuck batteries discretely inside the hook and loop pocket.
  3. Press the power button on the remote control, and select the heat output you want from level one to four.

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