About Us

Thanks so much for visiting the Hot and Cold Company! We're in the process of growing again - to bring you more of the things you love.

I think you'll find that we are not about getting things done…taking care of just one more thing on the to-do list that never ends.

Instead, we are here to nurture that part of you that quietly waits for your attention. Your spirit. Your self. The part of you that makes you whole.

I've walked that path of being a mom and stepmom, and holding down a corporate job, too. Trying to fit all the work into work hours, adding what was left over into the hours after everyone went to bed. 

The products we offer here are the things I wish I had then. We offer moments of escape and relaxation, and ways to ease the pain a bit when you've spent too many hours to count at the computer or chasing kids - so you can get right back at it. 

We hope to offer you the gift of renewal.

Here's to a few stolen moments of spa at home to help you feel more balanced and whole. To comfort and care in every degree, so you can get on with all the goodness of life. 

Live Well -