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When I left my corporate job, I had more time to help my mom with all the challenges that aging with severe arthritis brings with it. I found it took searching online for hours to find solutions that really met her needs, with arthritis in her spine, hands and feet. She’s on medication for the pain, but the aching and stiffness are still there. And how much medication do you want to take everyday? At a certain point that brings its own host of problems with it.

In the process of that search, I found things that were a godsend for me with neck and shoulder issues caused by bursitis and disc issues, and my sister with back spasms from scoliosis. Add in a friend who ruptured a disc in her neck and had to spend weeks awaiting surgery, and suddenly I was in the business of supplying solutions that worked for all of us.

There are great ideas out there, but not many of us have hours to search to find them. Having spent years in product development and running websites in the corporate world, opening this online store to bring the best of them together in one spot was a no-brainer. I hope this site eases the pain of the search for solutions for all the aches and pains that life brings at every age!

We’re working all the time to add new technology and solutions to our assortment, and we love that almost all of our products are made here in the USA. Let me know if there is anything you wish we had a solution for and we’ll spend those hours searching for you and others dealing with the same issues. And yes – I’ll throw in the obligatory warning – do check with your medical professional to make sure that hot or cold therapy is a good idea for your condition. We’re not doctors and can’t tell you what’s best for you – only what great products are available if hot and cold therapy is an option for you!

We work to make your purchase a great experience, offering a 30 day return policy, and top-of-the-line security in our store checkout.

So here’s to comfort and relief in every degree, and getting on with all the goodness of life with less pain and medication. Send me a note at Diana@HotAndColdCo.com - I look forward to hearing from you!

Live Well -