When to Use Heat or Ice

Cleveland Clinic Heat versus Ice Infographic

A common question in the world of aches and pains, is when should I use heat or ice for pain relief? The Cleveland Clinic did a great job of outlining some guidelines in an infographic to help you make the right choice. 

As a general rule, for a new injury with inflammation and swelling, ice is an important choice to reduce those symptoms and the pain. For longer-term aches lasting more than six weeks, or for arthritis, choose heat.

For headaches caused by sinus or muscle tension, heat can work wonders. For a migraine, ice is a choice that can relieve the pounding head pain. 

It's important to make the right choice, as choosing the wrong one can actually make your symptoms worse. So read the details in the article from the Cleveland Clinic, and talk to your health professional if you need guidance for your specific situation. 

Making the right choice can help with the management of chronic pain, and might help you reduce the amount of painkillers needed. It's one more way to help you Live Well!

- Diana

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