WebMD's Five Ways to Relieve Sinus Pain

I'm a long-time sinus pain sufferer, and for many years counted on over-the-counter medications as the first line of defense to knock the pain out, and it often knocked me out as well. It basically meant the end of the day for me if a sinus headache reached the point that I had to give in to it.

Over-the-counter meds are on the list from WebMD, and I still use them when I have to. Also on their list are humidifiers, saline spray, and a warm compress. I tried the warm wet washcloth compress they suggest years ago as a first attempt at heat relief. A bit drippy, not quite warm enough, and soon a cool compress instead of a warm one were the take-aways from that experience.

I was really relieved to find the flax seed compresses we sell now here at the Hot and Cold Company. A minute in the microwave gives me twenty minutes of soothing moist heat, that can often do the job for me - opening up my swollen sinuses and relieving the pain. 

Do read all of the Suggestions from WebMD. I hope they are a help to you.

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Live Well!

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