Three Ways to Beat Migraine and Sinus Pain Naturally

sinus and migraine pain relief

Our hot and cold therapy products designed to help relieve headache pain have created some of our biggest fans.

Once someone tries one of those products, we hear from them about how great it is. Then we hear from one of their friends, who tried it and also must have one for their headaches. And then hear from one of THEIR friends who has to have one….

All headaches are not created equally, and different things help different situations and people, which is why we have several choices.

My issue is sinus pain, especially during allergy season. If I have a bad headache, nothing will make it go away until I add heat to my forehead and sinus areas with our Sinus Relief Mask (keep it warm, not hot, and avoid the eye area if too warm). This is so much better than when I only had a big flaxseed hot/cold pack, and in my desperation tried to somehow arrange it on the painful parts of my face (kind of can't believe I'm admitting I did that)! (Hey, desperation - OK?) This just feels (and looks) so much better.


Web MD suggests warm compresses like this as a way to relieve sinus pain naturally.  Our Mask is a step up from a warm washcloth and much less messy to use, with longer-lasting heat. My friends who suffer from migraines prefer this same mask cold. 


Migraines overall are a different beast, and many find cold relieves that pain best. The theory is that constricting blood flow relieves the pressure causing the pain. Heat in targeted areas can help if tense muscles are contributing (and that tension often kicks in once a migraine has set in). Our Sinus and Migraine Cap can be chilled, with a removable neck pack that can be heated and added in to the mix to relieve that muscle tension. The whole mask can be heated in the microwave if you prefer heat. Again, everyone is a little different as far as what helps.

Finally, several friends swear by our Vibrating Pain Relief Mask. I have to admit I got this product sample and gave it immediately to my son-in-law who gets migraines. I told him I just couldn’t imagine having a vibrating thing on my face when I wasn’t feeling well – and he’d have to tell me if it was great or...something else.

It was one of those samples I never got back…that he uses frequently and swears by. I think if I took it back he would hunt me down so he could sleep again. He keeps it in the freezer, and the combination of cold and gentle vibration around his temples to break the muscle tension gives him quick relief, every time. Because of the mechanical parts in this one, it is for cold or room temperature use only, no microwaving!

I hope one of these is a great answer for you, too.  Wishing you a pain-free allergy season. 

Live well! - Diana

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