The Neck & Shoulder Wrap | My Favorite After-Party for Everything I Shouldn’t have Done Yesterday…

Several of you have asked me what I would recommend for those neck and shoulder aches after long days working on a computer. Carrying a laptop and several pounds of work home every night can add to the problem, as can lifting and carrying small children around. Oh, and stress, don’t forget every bit of stress I ever carried sits right…there. Basically, they need a solution for an entire life stage!

I used a simple neck wrap for years, and it helped. Then I tried a neck and shoulder wrap, and there is just nothing like it. It hits everywhere you need it at once…just…complete melting away of all the stress and aches of the day!

I still deal with neck and shoulder issues that start spasms and tie knots across my shoulders and upper back with the simplest of things on my to-do list every weekend. As my porch DIY project showed you, I don’t really shy away from home projects, and usually underestimate both the time and the physical effort they’ll take. So even though my daughter is grown up now, the neck and shoulder wrap is still my go-to…distributing heat across my neck, shoulders, and upper back all at once. It weighs a few pounds – which is a comforting amount of weight that helps it stay in place while the heat sinks in. I don’t really want to know at what age this began to be my version of a great way to unwind at the end of the day… but it really is. And, well – there are worse things. Right?

Live Well!


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