The Door Which Has Been Opened for Us

It's hard when we can't enjoy something we have loved for many years. For me it was swimming when the "swimmers shoulder" bursitis kicked in. It seemed like everything else I tried to do at the gym also irritated it. Except for the treadmill, elliptical, and walking. 

 Walking. That's the new door that opened for me. Finding the time for the quick drive to the gym to do laps in the pool, packing up stuff for the locker, the locker room sauna - all replaced by walks through the hills near my house. Through the seasons, with the neighbors and their great dogs, down to the park where the kids play, around the pond filled with geese, and back home again. Favorite tunes on my iPod. No need to drive there, or pack for it, or schedule it. Just, go. Sometimes, the new door that leads us to that next thing are OK...whether we were looking for them, or not...

Live Well - Diana

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