Silk Heat + Ice Wraps

Our 100% silk fashion wraps are an amazingly elegant way to solve many needs for hot or cold therapy, but one especially great use for these is as a hot flash remedy.

Keeping an ice pack on hand is a recommendation to help subdue hot flashes. While a bag of peas or plastic bag of ice might work at home, it's not exactly a professional look at work. With the prevalence of office mini fridges keeping cool stuff close at hand, you can have a chilled fashion wrap close at a moment's notice to throw on and help you keep your cool.

Artisan made in California, each wrap is carefully designed with segmented zones to keep the cooled flax seed inside in place throughout the wrap. This prevents the seed from bunching at the lowest point of the wrap. Add in dried California lavender for a soothing dose of aromatherapy...well...relief never looked or smelled so good.

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