Maternity Back Pain Relief

As part of our new Spand-Ice assortment, we are excited to include the Maternity Relief Wrap. With a patent-pending design that lets you take soothing heat or icing with you, we know that moms-to-be who don't have time to stop will put this on their must-have list. I know it would have been on mine. Sciatica kicked in at just twelve weeks for me, leaving me hobbling before I was even carrying much baby bump weight.

By the time I got to the third trimester, I was visiting my chiropractor weekly so I could stay mobile. Heat worked wonders for me, but I could only use it when sitting still/lying down, and even then it was hard to get it to stay in the right spot. It would have been fantastic to have this through my whole work day (this design is slim enough to wear under clothes).

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