Let the Allergies Begin...

It’s official. Everyone in the house has seasonal allergies, including the cat.

The vet said seasonal allergies in cats are not that unusual, and were the reason for her sneezing. We are in the Midwest after all. But even though my own allergies are a pain this time of year (often literally, unfortunately), helping the cat is a whole new level of pain.

When we went to the shelter to pick her out, my daughter said she wanted to be sure to get a cat that would play and be energetic. I think it was a reaction to our last cat that several guests mistook for a home décor item because of her innate ability to remain motionless for extended periods of time.

And so, Callie came into our lives. Energetic is an understatement, I thought, as I watched her run a wind sprint through the family room, into the dining room, and begin to rappel up the front of the china cabinet with her claws hooked into the wood mullions on the glass door panels.

She’s a few years older now, and a little mellower. A little. Unless you try to mess with her in some way. Like, try to give her antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection caused by her seasonal allergies. Or wipe her nose because of her seasonal allergies. Or, god forbid, brush or bathe her to rinse any clinging pollen off of her that might be aggravating seasonal allergies for her or us (she’s an indoor cat, but loves the screened porch).

So, I’m doing all the seasonal allergy cures for me, with the netti pot, allergy meds, decongestants, and hot packs to knock out the sinus pain when it still kicks in, in spite of it all.

This year I’m adding band aids from cat wrestling matches into the mix as well. I think the cat is starting to feel better. But it’s hard to tell – because she’s walking on the far side of the room to avoid me, and whatever I might try to do to her next.

Wake me up when the first freeze hits….

Live Well!  

- Diana

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