It's Flex Time!

Flex Plan Favorites

A great benefit in my corporate life was the Flexible Spending Account that we filled every year with the dollars we thought we'd spend on uninsured health expenses. With those dollars set aside before taxes within each check, my dollars went farther, and I was reimbursed with each expense. The only catch? Anything not spent by December 31st of that year was lost.

So with that countdown in mind, we're delighted to let you know that most of the products on our site count as reimbursable items in the over-the-counter listings of most standard plans. Do check your specific plan for details, and if hot and cold packs and wraps are listed you're good. It's a great chance to get a versatile, reusable pack or wrap you'll use for years.

Look for the FSA symbol by each product eligible for reimbursement as a hot and cold therapy product. Shop FSA Favorites

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