Innovation in Back Pain Relief

We're thrilled to share the arrival of a new, innovative back pain solution to our store! Created by a chronic back pain sufferer, the Revive Tank offers complete mobility while using hot or cold therapy. With a patent-pending design this tank top keeps two Thermal Therapy Gel Packs close to your skin, tucked inside two concealed pockets in the back panel. The specially formulated gel packs continue to deliver heat or icing for three hours. 

This design is so thin and sleek you can easily wear it as a layer as you go about your day. We're excited about the possibilities and look forward to hearing from you all as you begin to try it!  We have styles for both women and men, and a special maternity style as well!

One friend is thinking she might need one with heated packs to get her through all the late Fall football games. Another wants to use it to ice down after intense training workouts. A third is thinking it will help prevent back pain if he uses it during fall yard clean-up. How about you? Let us know!

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