Heat and Cold Therapies for Arthritis Pain Relief

Frozen Peas Photo

I'm always looking for good advice about management of arthritis pain with the chronic arthritis conditions my mom has. So it was great to find this article giving hot and cold therapy advice on arthritis.org. 

They recommend a traditional approach I've heard for warm and cold compresses, which involves a warm, wet washcloth or bag of frozen veggies to apply heat or icing. While these will work, a flaxseed or gel pack like the ones we offer at the Hot and Cold Co will provide both hot and cold benefits (you decide if you'll heat it or freeze it) and longer relief (easily 20 minutes) without the dripping or rapid cooling. Or soggy vegetables.

Ever wake up on the couch with a thawed bag of what were once frozen peas? Just. Don't. 

Read the article on Arthritis.org

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